Beati title page

Beati qui lugent (2007) is the second of three works Mudge wrote in response to his father's death, this one being intended to provide comfort for the bereaved in parallel to the prayers offered for the deceased in a Requiem mass.  Latin texts alternate with collects drawn from various editions of the Book of Common Prayer, taking the listener from a mourner's angry rejection of others' woes to the consolation of meeting loved ones again in the afterlife.

It has been selected for free download (in vocal score) on account of the variety contained within its pages: one motet for SATB with divisi, another for double three-part female choir, a psalm chant and a four-part fugue.  The collect settings between each movement are for solo tenor with string quartet, the latter joining the choir for the closing fugue.  While the work as a whole is not specifically intended for use in the context of any liturgy, each individual piece is well suited to this purpose.

Owing to a software bug, the choral parts in the final movement are missing some barlines. This will be corrected once the software developer has addressed the issue.

The vocal score includes piano reductions for rehearsal; the full score and parts are available on application to the composer.

Click on the title page to download the vocal score.

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